We Specialise in Complete
Property Management
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We create VALUE using our
knowledge and expertise
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We specialise in complete property management

We guarantee rent, take care of maintenance and tenants.


Allow us to be your perfect tenant and guarantee your rent on time every month. We offer contracts for up to 5 years relieving you the landlord from routine maintenance and management.


Do you have funds but do not know what to invest in or have you always wanted to invest in property but do not know how? We promise a rate of return at least 10 times higher than your bank's savings account.


We offer an end-to-end service for tenants, providing housing for professional sharers and staff of large and local businesses. We provide a tailored service and offer rooms of the highest standards.


we are transparent, dedicated, and treat others how we would like to be treated.

At Unicon, we know the value of building long term relationships, we believe in working diligently and honestly with all our stakeholders as this allows us to provide a tailored and dedicated client service.

  • Complete freedom and total peace of mind
  • No voids
  • We take care of maintenance
  • No need to worry about tenant complaints
  • Relax whilst we manage your property
  • Bespoke service tailored to your needs
  • Get expertly appraised deals
  • Strong financial returns
  • We invest in your success
  • Get access to the latest property deals